Monday, August 15, 2016

Having my tonsils removed

Well...its been a long 4 days at my end of the world.

On Friday August 12, I had my tonsils removed. I ended up having to be admitted because I wasnt coming out of the anesthesia very well.

Two of my daughters were there with me throughout the whole experience. But went home  in the evening.
The girls tried their hardest to distract me and they did a very good job at it too.

When I was coming out of the anesthesia, they both said I was talking with a southern accent and that I  was  walking to Mississippi which I told them was 2 miles away. Oh and I was going to New Orleans.

Today is Monday. Was a pretty rough day for me. I was so nauseated and had a  headache from Hell.  Tonight I am feeling so much better.

After this past few days, I hope I never have to eat jello again!!! I hated jello before surgery and hate it still.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Making Lists

I have a tendency of making lists. and then  following it. It could be a grocery list, a list of phone calls that I need  to make, shopping list for Joann's, chores I need to do..etc...etc.

And then I don't follow them or I forget to take them with me. So maybe I should just make a permanent BUCKET LIST.

And here is my bucket list for right now.....Don't deny that you have a similar bucket/to do list because if you do...your nose will grow like Pinochio's lol

1. Finish blouse I am making myself.
2. Finish a quilt a long called Summer Solstice.
3. Put backing on a quilt top I made for my daughter for her birthday 3 years ago. (I 4 qui)
4. Put backings on 4 quilts Ive made for Project Linus.
5. Finish a quilt that I am using gorgeous fabric for (I spelled the word gorgeous wrong. Its a line of fabric) that I should have made a year and a half ago.
6. Finish hand sewing a king size hexagon quilt onto its backing fabric...its just one big huge hexagon flower that Is all hand sewn. Ive been working on that for over a year.
7. I am machine quilting 4 blocks for a 24 inch dresden plate.
8. Put a back on a mystery quilt I made called Scrap Dance Tango

Oh I am pretty sure I have a few more projects I have forgotten about.

But I figure that if I were to finish all my projects I would go nuts with nothing to do. And so that is my reason for not completing my UFO projects.

And what is on your list?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Surgery is scheduled

Today is Wednesday August 3, 2016. I am scheduled to have my tonsils removed next Friday August 12, 2016 because my left tonsil is  huge. Its so huge that it blocks almost  my total airway. The surgeon says he believes its benign but will send it to the pathologist to have it biopsied just to make sure that it isnt cancer. Im a bit nervous about  the surgery but more worried about the pain I will be in. He also said that removing tonsils in adults is much more painful then it would be for a child.
Im not sure yet if I will stay a day or so since I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I wont know till the day of surgery.
Because the adenoids, tonsil and ear share the same nerve I will most likely have a severe earache. That is what has me worried the most is the earache. The last earache I had was when I was 13 years old and one that I will never ever forget. Compare it to natural childbirth and I would take childbirth any day over an earache or a toothache for that  matter.

I am going to Brendas in the morning and I will stay at her house until Sunday late afternoon. It will probably be the last time I will be able to go there for a couple of weeks till I get to feeling better after surgery. I will miss her dearly as she is my best friend. I wont be able to talk but very little but one good thing is we both have email so that will most likely be our communication.

Brenda and I learned how to do our very very first link up for a website.  We had such a blast figuring it out. We learned how to post pictures. We both are so happy.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Solstice Quilt a Long with Melissa from Happy Quilting

I am doing a quilt a long with a friend of mine named Brenda. Shes the one that got me to do it as I have never done a quilt a long.

Here are the first two steps we have done so far.

Half square triangles

Flying geese

I spend most weekends spending the night at Brendas and we sew and sew and sew and in between all of the sewing we do eat but we mostly laugh. When we have to use our buddies to rip out our many mistakes we laugh and tease each other (we kindly named hers  Mr. Blue and mine is Jack) We are both disabled and we met back in October of 2015 at a Project Linus meeting. We hit it off right away and hope to be friends for the rest of our lives.

Our next  step in the quilt a long is August 4th in which we will make the drunkards path.

Summer Solstice Quilt a long