Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Surgery is scheduled

Today is Wednesday August 3, 2016. I am scheduled to have my tonsils removed next Friday August 12, 2016 because my left tonsil is  huge. Its so huge that it blocks almost  my total airway. The surgeon says he believes its benign but will send it to the pathologist to have it biopsied just to make sure that it isnt cancer. Im a bit nervous about  the surgery but more worried about the pain I will be in. He also said that removing tonsils in adults is much more painful then it would be for a child.
Im not sure yet if I will stay a day or so since I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I wont know till the day of surgery.
Because the adenoids, tonsil and ear share the same nerve I will most likely have a severe earache. That is what has me worried the most is the earache. The last earache I had was when I was 13 years old and one that I will never ever forget. Compare it to natural childbirth and I would take childbirth any day over an earache or a toothache for that  matter.

I am going to Brendas in the morning and I will stay at her house until Sunday late afternoon. It will probably be the last time I will be able to go there for a couple of weeks till I get to feeling better after surgery. I will miss her dearly as she is my best friend. I wont be able to talk but very little but one good thing is we both have email so that will most likely be our communication.

Brenda and I learned how to do our very very first link up for a website.  We had such a blast figuring it out. We learned how to post pictures. We both are so happy.

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