Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Solstice Quilt a Long with Melissa from Happy Quilting

I am doing a quilt a long with a friend of mine named Brenda. Shes the one that got me to do it as I have never done a quilt a long.

Here are the first two steps we have done so far.

Half square triangles

Flying geese

I spend most weekends spending the night at Brendas and we sew and sew and sew and in between all of the sewing we do eat but we mostly laugh. When we have to use our buddies to rip out our many mistakes we laugh and tease each other (we kindly named hers  Mr. Blue and mine is Jack) We are both disabled and we met back in October of 2015 at a Project Linus meeting. We hit it off right away and hope to be friends for the rest of our lives.

Our next  step in the quilt a long is August 4th in which we will make the drunkards path.

Summer Solstice Quilt a long


  1. Both the flying geese and HST's look fantastic!!! I am so glad you are joining in and especially for your first QAL ;) So exciting!!! Sounds like a great time, sewing and laughing with a good friend ;)

  2. Deanna; you are my Bestest Best Friend and we do have great times together sewing and creating so many projects for Project Linus, Family, Friends and even ourselves once in awhile! I am so thankful to have met you and that we our continuing to let our friendship grow and develop.

    Being disabled in many different ways helps us in so many ways connect and grow stronger individually and in our friendship because we share and express our feelings of what we experience each and every day in the way of pain, how family members deal with us, the journeys our pasts have held and led us and how our futures may be and where they may lead us. Plus dealing with doctors and just so much more.

    Knowing that our connection from the beginning was so right and we both needed each other so badly! We have both already gained so much courage and inspiration in our sewing/quilting and crafting projects which we both use as a crutch to hold ourselves together day after day.

    Thank you Deanna for being who you are and sharing this journey we are on with me. I know our journey is going to take us through many years and thousands of projects, plus miles and miles of laughter and even a stream of tears. I already love you and pray that the Lord takes care of you and makes your life better at every turn. Lets have a blast with this project and learn another lesson or two along the way!

    Your Bestest Best Friend Brenda....Miss Dodger, Mr. Shakes and even Miss Chicca