Friday, August 5, 2016

Making Lists

I have a tendency of making lists. and then  following it. It could be a grocery list, a list of phone calls that I need  to make, shopping list for Joann's, chores I need to do..etc...etc.

And then I don't follow them or I forget to take them with me. So maybe I should just make a permanent BUCKET LIST.

And here is my bucket list for right now.....Don't deny that you have a similar bucket/to do list because if you do...your nose will grow like Pinochio's lol

1. Finish blouse I am making myself.
2. Finish a quilt a long called Summer Solstice.
3. Put backing on a quilt top I made for my daughter for her birthday 3 years ago. (I 4 qui)
4. Put backings on 4 quilts Ive made for Project Linus.
5. Finish a quilt that I am using gorgeous fabric for (I spelled the word gorgeous wrong. Its a line of fabric) that I should have made a year and a half ago.
6. Finish hand sewing a king size hexagon quilt onto its backing fabric...its just one big huge hexagon flower that Is all hand sewn. Ive been working on that for over a year.
7. I am machine quilting 4 blocks for a 24 inch dresden plate.
8. Put a back on a mystery quilt I made called Scrap Dance Tango

Oh I am pretty sure I have a few more projects I have forgotten about.

But I figure that if I were to finish all my projects I would go nuts with nothing to do. And so that is my reason for not completing my UFO projects.

And what is on your list?

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