Monday, August 15, 2016

Having my tonsils removed

Well...its been a long 4 days at my end of the world.

On Friday August 12, I had my tonsils removed. I ended up having to be admitted because I wasnt coming out of the anesthesia very well.

Two of my daughters were there with me throughout the whole experience. But went home  in the evening.
The girls tried their hardest to distract me and they did a very good job at it too.

When I was coming out of the anesthesia, they both said I was talking with a southern accent and that I  was  walking to Mississippi which I told them was 2 miles away. Oh and I was going to New Orleans.

Today is Monday. Was a pretty rough day for me. I was so nauseated and had a  headache from Hell.  Tonight I am feeling so much better.

After this past few days, I hope I never have to eat jello again!!! I hated jello before surgery and hate it still.

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