Monday, April 18, 2016

Hey its me....Im still here!!!!   I woke up on the green side of the dirt this morning. And it is such a good feeling.

Today was a nice sunny day again here in Grants Pass Oregon. Spring has sprung and I love it.

This past week Brenda and I got alot accomplished. And it did help that I stayed over for 2 days. First night we went to bed at 1:45 in the morning!!!

The second night we climbed on her bed and watched a movie and had snacks and we were both asleep by 10 pm. We both were totally worn out.

Brenda taught me how to machine applique and I had a blast. The first thing she taught me was a heart..and then for practice, I decided to try letters

Not too bad for just learning.

And here is a dresden  plate that I machine appliqued around the tops of the blades.

Here is a picture of my heart quilt to give to Project Linus. As I was tying it, I sat down and just stared at this quilt. And I kept looking at it for a good 15-20 minutes if not longer trying to decide what it needed. Well, I figured it out....

It needs something on it....something like a saying and I have decided to put this saying  on the red sashing....Everyday is a gift.  It really jumped out at me and I have never had that happen.Who knows maybe  whomever this blanket goes to may need to read that. This is the first time that Ive ever felt I needed to put a saying on it.

This past friday I was able to go to a yard sale with a friend and I struck the gold mine I think I did anyways....Brenda and I are going to start making wreaths. And at this yard sale I came across these little craft boxesfull of beads and things that  we can use on the wreaths  AND for the three boxes with all the goodies cost me $2.00!!!!

Well thats about all folks for now. Have a great week.

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