Monday, April 4, 2016

I suffer from occasional insomnia and tonight is one of those nights. I get really bored on the computer as I dont know what to do on it. I only go to a couple of websites.

Hopefully at the end of the week my best friend Brenda and I will go and have a manicure compliments of a friend. I have to remember to call the salon tomorrow to make an appointment.

All is quiet here in the house.Occasionally I will hear someone snore or a distant car or the dreaded ambulance siren. Neither of them bother me.

I cant wait until we get clue #4 of the mystery scrap dance tango mystery quilt that Carole is doing. You really really should check out her web site. She posts all sorts of different things from recipes to quilting....just all sorts of other things. She lives in the Carolins  and for the pictures she posts Its a beautiful area.

If you want to join in on the mystery quilt go to Caroles website you won't regret it or at  least I havent. Heres her site

Well I think I am ready to fall asleep. Its 3 in the morning

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