Monday, April 4, 2016

Scrap Dance Tango Mystery Quilt 2016  Thats the name of the mystery quilt. I called it something else. Thanks Brenda for bringing that to my attention. And forgive me Carole. 

Yes you only had 4..and I had all 32 of mine to rip out. I"ll be needing a new Jack soon.

Today is beautiful and sunny and comfortable heat wise. I hope everyone had a beautiful day. 

I have an old sewing machine that I believe is a signature sewing machine. Brenda played with it over the weekend and it works the motor sounds fine.  But there's an issue with it that I cant remember what it was but it had something to do with the bobbin. Ill have it looked at in a few weeks by a service man and his wife that makes house calls. I will keep that one at Brendas house and bring my Singer Quantum home to sew on.

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  1. Good Morning Deanna! Sorry it took me so long to post a comment! But you have been at my house sewing everyday and making me laugh so hard at times that accidents almost happened to the both of us! LOL. We are just taking it easy this morning and playing on the computer before doing anything. But should get up and get sewing, I do have a ton of projects to complete! Hope you have a great day! Brenda